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Custom Printed Monogram Backpacks

  • A backpack that's durable and oh so delightful.

Monogram thread & font:

 **Want different font or thread? Tell us in the Monogram text field!**
  1.  Roses  is monogrammed in black thread with interlocking font
  2.  Jewel  is monogrammed in black thread with interlocking font
  3.  Coral is monogrammed in lime green thread with interlocking font
  4.  Blue Shells is monogrammed in turq thread with interlocking font
  5.  Palm  is monogrammed in hot pink thread and with interlocking font
  6.  La-La-Lavender is monogrammed in dark blue with interlocking font
  7.  Pink Elegance is monogrammed in camellia coral with interlocking font
  8.  Blue Coral  is monogrammed in navy blue with interlocking font
  9.  Flammin' Flamingo  is monogrammed in black with interlocking font
  10.  Eccentric is monogrammed in sunshine yellow with interlocking font
  11.  Hidden Treasure is monogrammed in cobalt with interlocking font
  12.  Pinky Tinky  is monogrammed in royal blue with interlocking font
  13.  Safari is monogrammed in navy blue with interlocking font
SIZE IS 16.2"H x 11.8"T x 6"W
**We have done our best to photograph our items as accurately as possible. Please be aware that colors may appear differently on different monitors. Refer to the item descriptions for additional color information